Remind me what biodynamic massage is all about?
Biodynamic massage is a psychotherapeutic form of massage, based on theoretical principles developed by Norwegian psychologist Gerda Boyesen. Working with the nervous system, biodynamic massage therapy offers a number of benefits such as stress reduction, pain relief and increased vitality.

Why should I have six sessions/ongoing treatment?
The aim of biodynamic massage is not to fix or cure, it’s rather to work with you to understand what the body is saying and engage in a relationship with yourself. This process takes time, which is why a course of six sessions is helpful in order for the body to re-balance itself.

Why doesn’t it work like a regular massage?
Often, for many of us, we come to a massage session with an idea of what we want changed in our bodies – it might be an old injury, or pain in a specific area. After the massage, we may feel some temporary relief but then the pain ‘comes back’. In truth, the tension we’ve built up in the body is still there. It’s only through understanding what we’re tensing and protecting against that the body can begin to release what it’s holding and soften the physical or emotional pain.

“Feeling is the life of the body, just as thinking is the life of the mind… peace of mind depends on peace of body.” 
– Alexander Lowen in The Spirituality of the Body.

Curious about gaining a better understanding of yourself?

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