We hear ya, we hear ya !! Some of you are screaming – WHAT ARE CHAKRAS?


The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word, Muladhara, meaning ‘wheel’ and is translated from Hindi it means ‘wheel of spinning energy’. The best way to visualise what a chakra looks like is a spinning, almost vortex-like wheel of energy inside out bodies.  We have seven of these major powerhouses throughout the body and they all help in regulating its processes from the immune system, organ function to emotions. Each chakra has its own role and characteristics, it’s own vibrational frequency and colour which keeps the body in balance and helps in keeping you human – happy days! 

The root chakra is the first of the seven chakras. It is the ground floor of your chakra system, it is located at the base of your spine and associated with the colour red. Some of it’s corresponding body areas and organs are the pelvic plexus, the last 3 vertebrae, the anus, large intestine, feet and legs. 


Common characteristics of the root chakra are: 

  • Grounding

  • Survival

  • Safety

  • Security

  • Instinct

  • Family

  • Boundaries

  • New beginnings

  • Support  

  • Basic needs such as food, sleep, shelter

  • Boundaries


When chakras are blocked, our out of balance, certain emotions or feelings may arise. A person who has an imbalance, or an under active root chakra could have behaviours that are ruled by fear, they have concerns about relationships, jobs, health and everything feels like a potential risk to them. 

A person with an overactive root chakra can also experience fear however this is turned into greed, paranoia, procrastination, defensiveness and often problems surrounding diet and food intake. Memories from childhood or experiences from childhood that you may not even have memory of can affect the health of the root chakra. 

If you are struggling in your job, have fears about money or trust – it will be a first chakra issue. The good news, is that you can alter your thinking and actions in order to create a safe place so that you can live in peace. This work happens on an energetic level, with the unconscious mind which we will talk about a little later. 


Is my root chakra unbalanced? 

Sit down in a quiet room where you can relax and be free of any interruptions. It is important to have connection with the earth so make sure your feet are firmly on the floor if sitting on a chair. If you are sitting on the floor ensure what you are sitting on your sit bones and your spine is tall.

If you are able to play some music, here is a link for the root chakra mantra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOiuoRrZRwQ 

Close your eyes down to a soft gaze and begin by taking some deep breathes. Once you feel relaxed, ask yourself the following questions, answer them honestly, see what resonates with you to see whether you have any blockages in your first chakra. 

  •  Do you trust yourself to make healthy decisions?

  •  Do you trust the support around you? 

  •  Do you trust the people around you? 

  •  Are you happy in your current job? 

  •  In what areas of your life do you not feel safe? 

  •  Are you content with what you have? 

  •  Are there any areas where you feel you do not have enough and want more? 

  •  What are your eating habits?

  •  What are your sleeping habits? 


How do I balance my root chakra? 

  • Stomp your feet on the ground, go on don’t be shy .. jump up and down. Remember the root chakra is related to feeling grounded. 

  • Connect with the earth – take a walk close to nature. Walk by the sea, in a forest, park, plant some seeds or plants in your garden. Pay close attention to your feel hitting the ground, your hands touching the plants, really connect with the environment and your surroundings. 

  • Exercise, dance – MOVE !! 

  • Meditate – visualise a beautiful red light that is grounding deep into the earth, like roots of a tree. 

  • Meditate – visualise 

  • Aromatherapy – ylang-ylang, rosemary, patchouli, sandalwood, myrrh. 

  • Reiki / energy healing 

  • Yoga 


Healing foods

  • Red foods – apples / beetroot

  • Eggs

  • Root vegetables – potatoes, carrots, parsnips 

  • Meats

  • Tofu 

  • Rainbow chard

  • Red spices – chilli, cayenne pepper 

Get curious with your body and mind – go and explore !

Remember that healing is a journey and it takes some time but stick with it. If you find yourself getting fearful whether that be at work, an argument with a loved one. Take yourself away and stomp those feet on the ground to bring yourself back down. 


Next week we will be talking about the second chakra, the sacral chakra. This chakra is associated with creativity, sexuality, relationships and feelings. Come back next week to learn all about it.