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Raynor Massage

Stuart Smith

Raynor Massage Therapy

60 mins / £75

Stuart holds a diploma in Raynor massage therapy, a holistic system of body work developed by Naturopath Brendon Raynor. Raynor, incorporating techniques from different styles of massage therapy from Ayurvedic, deep tissue and reflexology, and breath work and aroma therapy, has a main goal, to find any residual tension or blockage in the body and get rid of it.

This can be tension caused by physical stress such as work or sports, but also, stress from emotions and other subtle energies having an effect on the body, often residing in neglected areas of the body such as the hands, feet and neck.

As each client has their own specific treatment needs, Raynor massage blends techniques to suit, using one’s sense of touch and intuition to free up the whole body. The result, returning the body to its’ natural state of relaxation, tension free.

Stuart has been doing Raynor massage for 4 years, and has clients from a wide range of backgrounds from lawyers, jewellers, delivery drivers and professional skateboarders.

“A really understanding, caring, friendly approach, he (Stuart) understood me. I feel invigorated, relaxed, inspired and looked after. Loved it” – Gary. Putney.

Cost: £75 for 60 minutes

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