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Elisa holds a Diploma in ITEC Level 3 – Holistic Massage, a certificate in Advanced Therapeutic Massage, Table Thai Massage and Reiki. She is a member of FHT.
During her studies and by analysing her own body she realised how chronic pain and stress can affect everyday life and how important it is to treat the mind and body with the
same level of care.

Elisa strongly believe in the power of touch. Touch is the most therapeutic and powerful tool which we have in everyday life. Massage is a pure non-judgemental journey with a
therapeutic effect on the body and mind allowing people to find balance in themselves through relaxation. She works holistically, with a range of techniques, depending on your needs.

Holistic means whole. It’s an ancient way to see people in their totality. Body, mind and emotions are all connected. Personal circumstances, environment, relationships and how we see the world all impact our well-being. We cannot live a fulfilling and happy life if we are out of balance, dissociated and fragmented.

Every treatment starts with a consultation to understand your needs, your habits on a daily basis, and possible contraindications to create a bespoke, personal treatment plan.

Deep tissue Massage is a therapeutic massage that works on the deep layers of muscle tissue with long and slow strokes to treat the muscles deeply. Pressure is controlled and
adapted to your preference.
It is perfect for general tension and stress, and for paying attention to specific areas of the body with chronic aches and pain, muscle tension, supporting injury recovery, increasing mobility, bringing oxygen and blood back to the muscles.

Swedish Massage is the classic and most common type of massage treatment, perfect to relax both body and mind.
A combination of smooth firm strokes on the upper layer of the muscles, calming the nervous system, increasing blood flow, assisting the lymphatic system to remove toxins,
supporting the immune system and restoring the body’s energy level.
If you do not have any particular chronic aches or pain and you simply want to relax and pamper yourself this is the right treatment for you.

60 mins £70
90 mins £95

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