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Crystal Healing Therapy

Charlotte Wald

Crystal Healing Therapy

60 mins / £65

About Charlotte:

I have always been drawn to crystals. As a child when all the other kids were playing with stuffed toys I was obsessed with a piece of Pyrite I had picked out on a family day out. 

Little did I know Pyrite is a protector, drawing energy from the earth and into the physical body and the aura. This creates a shield which defends against negative energies, environmental pollution, emotional attack and physical harm. From an early age, I was finding ways to protect myself.

Life is a journey and my story certainly wouldn’t have been so interesting had I followed my dreams from that day.  After Uni I fell into the corporate rat race… (Pyrite I NEED YOU!)

Do you ever feel like you can’t breathe? 

Do you ever feel your brain just won’t stop going round and round?

Suffer from insomnia?


Do your mind and body feel like they need a break from your life?

YES, I totally get you. 

I eventually left the City to go travelling.. it’s cliche but it worked!  I found my inner peace and my journey lead me back to the Crystals.  I started using crystals in my daily routine (meditation, baths, rituals) and then decided to train as a Crystal Healer. 

Since then I have treated many stressed out, emotionally drained Londoners helping them to find their inner zen whilst balancing their chakra’s and energy levels.


What is Crystal Healing?

Your body is made up of energy, you have 7 Chakra points within your physical body, when this energy becomes blocked, unbalanced or stagnant you may face illness, mental illness or just become stuck in a rut and unsure of your direction in life. 

Crystal healing is an energy-based treatment. Different crystals have different properties and energies and thus when used during a healing treatment they can gently support the body to heal in a therapeutic way. Crystals can affect energies on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

If you are suffering from physical concerns such as headaches or stress, or emotional or spiritual concerns crystal healing can help.

During your session, we will work with crystals and meditation to shift blocks and activate and support the self-healing process.

What will you receive in your session?

– Energetic body scan 

– Crystal healing

– Deep relaxation



Pricing £65 for 60 mins.

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