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Bodywork & Soft Tissue Massage Therapy

Liz Coleman

Bodywork & Soft-Tissue Massage

45 - 80 minutes

As a student of osteopathy and certified yoga teacher, Liz uses a combination of soft tissue therapeutic massage and joint articulation techniques to facilitate the body’s natural healing processes to reduce your symptoms. Her holistic approach to musculoskeletal health takes the whole view of the body and its functionality to ensure maximum mobility. 


Treatments with Liz are perfect for those suffering from headaches; mild to chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain; and other musculoskeletal injuries such as tennis elbow and tendonitis. Her therapies support those seemingly little niggles for regulars at the gym, desk workers with tight shoulders and anyone suffering from the impacts of a particularly active or challenging lifestyle, both of which take their toll on our physical and mental health.


Sessions with Liz are tailored to your specific needs and will leave you feeling restored, relaxed and empowered, with an enhanced understanding of your body’s blueprint through her detailed knowledge of anatomy. 


What to expect:

  1. The initial consultation with Liz comprises a 15-20 minute video call to discuss your health history and presenting symptoms.
  2. This will be followed up by a 60 minute face-to-face treatment at The Refinery. This will begin with additional diagnostics to determine a course of action for your treatment and will be followed by a massage to loosen muscle fibres and help restore and rebalance your body. If you have any questions during your session, please don’t hesitate to ask.
  3. After the initial consultation and face-to-face treatment, Liz will provide guidance on timelines for integration of the therapy and any further treatments that may be required.




“I had been suffering from a twinge in my back that had spread to my neck leaving me with severe mobility issues and significant pain. 

I was recommended Liz from a close friend and got in touch. She was swift to reply, polite and informative. I had a consultation with her the next day and she took me through potential causes and solutions. 

She then guided me through the process with ease and kept me safe and comfortable throughout whilst explaining each procedure with language I could easily understand.

Not only did she ease a significant amount of discomfort from my injury but returned a lot of lost mobility within a 20-minute session. After the procedure she went through methods to help recovery and injury prevention.

Could not recommend and thank her enough, incredibly skilled, talented and friendly. 

 An absolute delight. 10/10″


– Luke, client



First consult including video call (approx. 20 mins) & face-to-face consultation (60 mins): £80

Subsequent face-to-face consultations (45 minutes): £60

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