These events are part of Time Outs curated series of performances, workshops and classes at Samsung KX at Coal Drops Yard. From morning mindfulness to parties and gigs, TimeOut are bringing you the best of the City to one place!


Sound Journey + Meditation with The Refinery | Tuesday 17th September @ 8am 

No doubt by now you’ve heard about gong baths – but just because people are talking about them right now, doesn’t mean they’re a new fad. Sound healing is an ancient form of meditation developed in parts of Asia, which uses varying frequencies and vibration to resonate with different parts of the body. In this class from Refinery, you’ll be taken on a relaxing journey by your instructor, who will use Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, rain sticks and a variety of drums. You’ll practically float to work afterwards.


Disco Yoga | Wednesday 18th September @ 1pm

Get some ‘Stayin’ Alive’ with your Savasana at this booty-shaking Disco Yoga class. Created by Hackney gym The Refinery, Disco Yoga merges traditional yoga poses with banging disco beats to create moves like ‘Jazzy Salutes’ and ‘Boogie Warriors’. It’s relaxing, it’s energising, and it’ll help make the rest of your afternoon a breeze. Your ticket also includes a free coffee. 


80’s Aerobics Friday 29th September @ 1pm

Leg warmers at the ready, London! This ’80s aerobics class is the real deal: expect high-energy tunes, easy-to-follow (yet intense) dance moves to get your heart rate up, followed by some deep stretching to some serious power ballads. Our tip: bring a towel (and a desire to channel Jane Fonda). There’ll be a free coffee as part of your ticket.

Ballet Rebels | Friday 27th September @ 1pm

You’ll have tutu much fun in this fusion of ballet and boxing. Grace and grit go together in this session, which pairs toning and strengthening exercises with jabs, hooks and fast footwork. Afterwards, you’ll get a free coffee.