Zoe Bertali, co-founder of The Refinery talks to Harpers Bazar about the benefits of group classes.

5. Would I prefer your group classes?

It can be a good idea to switch between weekly group classes and one-on-one PT sessions to mix up your routine, maintain your interest and vary the intensity of your workouts. Working as part of a team or in a group can double up as an opportunity to socialise as well (even though your PT can act as a friendly face or confidant too!). Zoe Bertali, co-founder at The Refinery E9, explains: “People are no-longer looking for just a workout, they want an experience at the same time. You come away from Disco Barre or RUSH HIIT feeling like you’ve had an hour in a nightclub! Our classes are kept purposely small which encourages people to get to know one another and find camaraderie in their shared experience.” Ultimately, it depends on your preferences, but a combined approach can make a fitness routine more inspiring.

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