Squats are known as a leg exercise, which yes, they are however they also work and promote whole body muscle building by catalysing an anabolic environment. There have been some criticisms for being harsh on the knees, but research has been done and shows that if done properly, squats can actually improve your knees through strengthening the connective tissue. When we develop more muscle we burn more fat, therefore a few sets of squats are one of the most time-efficient ways to burn calories. Spend less time .. get more fit!! Yes, we like the sound of that too. Who wants a bigger booty? Get some squats into your workout routine. 


Here’s our top 10 benefits of squats: 

1. Builds muscle in your entire body 

2. Burns fat 

3. Improves overall core strength

4. Prevents injury 

5. Improve mobility and balance

6. Improves daily activities – this is why it is known as a ‘functional exercise’ 

7. Helps with waste removal 

8. Tones your bum, abs and legs 

9. Builds healthy bones and joints

10. Boost your sports performance – you will be able to run faster and jump higher