If you’ve ever been for a facial, you’ll know that one of the first things they do is steam your face, but have you ever asked why?  What is facial steaming? What are the benefits? How can I do it at home?

It’s pretty simple – its when you let steam absorb into your face. If you haven’t got a facial steamer or facial sauna then you can go back to the basics. Grab a large bowl (enough for you to lean your whole face over it), fill it with very hot water and a towel. Create a little tent, with your face over the bowl and the towel over your head so that the steam doesn’t escape and rises into your face. You can actually add some essential oils if you fancy, tea tree and lavender have amazing antibacterial properties – just a few drops will do.


There are so many wonderful benefits of facial steaming, here are just a few:


Deep cleanse

The heat opens your pores meaning that bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells can be removed much easier through a gentle scrub. This also then makes your skin far more receptive to using other treatments such as a cleanser, toner and moisturiser as you have got rid of those barriers.


Removes toxins

You’ve heard how one of the benefits of sweating is that it removes toxins from the skin right? It’s no different with steaming, you are heating the body and therefore toxins are released due to the heat. Steam actually makes your skin sweat far more than a HiT class (yes even Darrens) and therefore a whole lot of toxins are released.


Loosens blackheads

Blackheads, whiteheads, they are both a nightmare and pretty tough to get rid of but steaming can really help to prevent them. Your skin produces sebum which lubricates and protects your skin. However, sebum can sometimes get stuck inside a follicle which leads to a blackhead. By steaming, the pores open up and the blackhead, or the sebum can melt, loosen and fall away from your pores.


More youthful skin

Steaming you face dilates your blood vessels which improves your blood circulation through your skin cells. This improves your overall complexion, a rosy, glowing, beautiful face. If you steam regularly you really will be able to see the vitality that is restored in your skin.


To improve the overall general health of your skin you should definitely look into implementing this into your routine and make that beautiful skin glow !!


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