Taster Day with Michelle on Sunday 8th April. TREAT YOURSELF to a 30 minute Soma Board Session with a hand and foot massage OR 30 minute Ayurvedic Massage @£30 each.

After countless failed attempts at changing certain aspects of my lifestyle, I have realised that small, gentle changes to my routine work best as this means I can sustain them… most of the time 😉 My New Year’ s resolution was to stick to my daily meditation and visualisation routine no matter what. Taking 10 minutes a day of “me time” to meditate, visualize or simply doing something that is relaxing and enjoyable. Not for any other purpose. I can always extend that time if my schedule allows but committing to just 10 minutes seems doable. It also means it’s easier to stick to. The Soma Board has been instrumental in helping me achieve this. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves. And sometimes meditating can just leave you feeling frustrated because you feel like you didn’t “do it right” or you weren’t able to switch off and just felt bored and irritated rather than zen and in tune. It only takes a few frustrating sessions to associate meditating with frustration and a sense of failure which is enough to put you off trying. I’ve heard this from so many friends and clients and I totally get it! I recently discovered the Soma Board which has helped me to reach deep states of meditation. The board is equipped with a vibrating speaker which allows for the transmission of sound and vibration. Music & healing tones resonate with the Soma Board and move through the body as a sonic wave. The human body and the cells that comprise it are roughly 70% water. In past studies on nature and the dynamics of water it has been proven that water responds to information and frequencies. The Soma Board supports and guides the body into symmetry and balance whilst inducing a deep state of relaxation which triggers the body’s healing response. Most importantly, it’s changed the way I feel about meditation and helps me to reach similar states on my own.


During a Vibrasonix sound therapy session, you’ll be given headphones an asked to lie down on the board and become aware of your breath while you enjoy your choice of healing tones. It works beautifully alongside a massage as it helps to reset your nervous system and leaves you feeling calm and relaxed so you can get the most out of your massage treatment. Give us a call on 0207 148 5990 or email us on info@therefinerye9.com to book your 30 minute Soma Board Session OR 90 minute Soma + Massage combo treatment. If you would like a taster session, Michelle will be hosting a Taster Day on Sunday 8th April. TREAT YOURSELF to a 30 minute Soma Board Session with a hand and foot massage or 30 minute Ayurvedic Massage @£30 each.


Michelle Cade