Saturday 26th January 

10:00 – 16:00

15 mins // £10 


Jessie will be offering post workout chair massages in the Refinery reception area, perfect for balancing energy, releasing tensions and easing aches and pains.    


Jessie will also be around for you to come and chat if you have any chronic pain issues or would like to know which types of massage best improve performance as her Advanced Clinical massage treatments might be just what you need. 


About Jessie:


The body has always fascinated me. My professional life has been devoted to it’s amazing capacity, from being a choreographer, to studying and teaching movement to actors and working with people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.  Through these experiences I have seen how the body can change and be healed by human touch. This led me to massage therapy as a form of healing, assessment, release, and nurture and I fell in love with it’s philosophical and physical values.  


I am a fully qualified advanced clinical and holistic massage therapist, and use a combination of manual manipulation and an in-depth understanding of anatomy to provide professional treatments that effectively relieve pain and promote healing.


Massage has has enabled me to help a variety of people, from office workers to professional dancers, soon to be mums, adults with PMLD, Musicians and the elderly.


In my practice I blend my beliefs in eastern healing modalities and the clinically proven western massage practices. Treating the body as a whole not purely by the symptom.   


To book please email: or just drop into The Refinery reception area on Saturday 26th January. 


Red more about Jessie and her services here