Yes it’s that time again! Only 12 days until Christmas and we are super excited!! 

We all have a love hate relationship with this time of year and there’s a very good reason it has been named silly season. Lots of people to see, lots of things to do. Too many people to see, too many things to do – we hear ya! Although its a magical time of year, it does bring lots of stress and obligations. We have put together a little toolbox full of The Refinery’s tips and tricks to help you along the way … 

1. Don’t shop until you drop! Listen to your body and pencil in some SERIOUS YOU TIME. What do you consider a special treat and never do often enough? Is it getting your nails done, going to the hairdressers, receiving a massage, or a rejuvenating facial? Heck, if you want them all, we don’t blame you! But in all honesty, there’s nothing more valuable than a bit of self-love than in silly season. You must look after number one before looking after everybody else. Those precious 60 minutes of calm will give you the clarity and strength you need to get through all the month’s madness. Take a look at our therapies.

2. It’s not just snow that flakes! Remember, IT IS OK to say no to some things, especially when there’s 101 commitments, events, dinners and gatherings at this time of the year. It’s important to be kind to yourself as a number one, and be careful not to over commit and run yourself down. Feel like having a bath and an early night? That’s alright!! BUT no one likes a flake (unless its snowy or shaped like chocolate) so give your nearest and dearest as much possible notice that you won’t be able to make it and avoid last minute let downs. 

3. Christmas is for giving !! Give the gift of choice. Want to show someone you love them without the fear of getting it wrong? With the custom amount Refinery Gift Voucher, people can choose what they really want for Christmas. The total amount can be used solely on one thing or spread across our amazing array of classes, workshops or kick ass treatments. PERFECT for the person who has everything or little miss fussy! 

4. Don’t stop moving! Don’t let the Christmas doo’s, the partying and the shopping change your routine completely. People who exercise are happier and able to cope better with stress than their sedentary sisters.  Of course you might not want to lift kettle bells after your works Christmas party (some of you may not want to see anyone at all for quite a while – who snogged who?) but you should keep your body moving intuitively. If you are feeling exhausted don’t go for a run, or do a high intensity class, listen to what your body needs. Go for a walk, do some Pilates or a restorative yoga. Be gentle with your body, you don’t want to deplete your energy for the big day. 

5. ‘Oh my god – I’ve just like totally eaten the whole tub of Quality Street – to myself !!’ Sound familiar? Classic behaviour during times of stress can be excessive eating or at the other end of the scale skipping meals usually both accompanied with drinking excessive diuretics (such as caffeine or alcohol). Get organised AND pre make some healthy treats so that you are armed with the good stuff rather than being tempted with the nasties that are readily available. When we say healthy we aren’t just talking carrot sticks and cucumber. You can make delicious chocolate goodies that don’t cost your health. Why not combine this with your day dedicated to you! A morning massage followed by an afternoon in the kitchen, what a day! Santa hat – check, xmas songs – check and a whole loada’ tasty treats coming right up!

We love these raw chocolate brazil nut buttercup recipe from our Nutritionist Pandora – check them out

6. Start your New Years mindset now. it’s never too soon to start manifesting, planning or putting the 2018 wheels into motion. Give yourself a new challenge or try something you have never done before, a new hobby or class. Book it in now, before it gets full up in the crazy mayhem of January, 

7. SWITCH OFF. Turn that out of office on (for real) and go for a walk in the woods, a run by the lake or hike up a hill. The Refinery will be closed from the 22nd to the 2nd and we can’t wait to take in some greenery. We invite our incredible customers to do the same. Turn your phone off, flick down the lid of your laptop and step outside and connect with nature. Scientists and a whole host of other smart people can confirm how BENEFICIAL it is for our health and well being. Roll into 2018 with a rested mind, recharged body and revived soul and get ready to make 2018 your best year yet!