Refinery membership is by far the best way to reap the deepest benefits from your fitness regime. As a member, you don’t have to worry about the cost of attending several classes per week. You’ll be able to feel free to attend as many classes as you like and the more you visit, the more you save – simple!  What’s more, Refinery students who have unlimited classes available to them tend to join classes more often, seeing greater results, faster.  Coming just four times a week will cost less than £7 a class – that’s around 50% off the drop in rate.  We have membership and class package options that are as diverse as our classes.  Please feel free to ask at reception if you have any questions.

Benefits of Unlimited Membership include:

  • Unlimited classes any day, any time.

  • £110 per month (by direct debit) 

  • New increased benefit of 20% off workshops. 

  • One suspension per year per membership.

  • 2 free classes a year for a friend/family member (workshops excluded)


Membership T’s and C’s:
-Monthly memberships are only available for the use of one person.
-Minimum sign up for membership is 2 months.
-All memberships renew automatically for the specified period of time.
-Cancellation of individual classes must be made up to 12 hours before a class. Members will have their booking privileges suspended for 1 week if they “no show” or late cancel three classes in any monthly period.
-30 days written notice is required to suspend or terminate membership.
-Memberships will not be cancelled and refunds will not be given during the initial 2 month period.
-Refunds will not be given if you decide to cancel after a payment has been already been
-There is no refund for unused time on memberships, and there are no extensions. Once a student signs up it is their responsibility to use the membership to their satisfaction.
-Those who are uncertain about their ability to commit may consider buying a class bundle instead of a membership.
-Please mention the members 20% workshop discount at the time of booking and ensure you book through the studio.