Tell us a little bit about your practice…
I work with the Andean Shamanic Tradition. The knowledge and wisdom from the Inca lineage in Peru has been passed to the Q’ero shamans who I have learnt from over the last few years. It is based on the principle that everything is living energy and when we are out of ‘ayni’ or balance with Mother Earth and nature we fall sick. I carry a mesa, which is a multi-coloured travelling altar cloth that holds stones, crystals and power objects used for healing. By working with the objects in my mesa we can bring balance and harmony back into the energy body so that you feel whole and connected again.


What first drew you to working with this practice?
Sickness! I was constantly falling ill but when I first visited a spiritual healer 20 years ago I was told that I wasn’t sick or allergic to anything, I was just out of balance. This was like music to my ears. I was introduced to the metaphysical meanings behind illness and the world of living energy, which made far more sense to me than any diagnosis I had received from conventional doctors. Each time I life swayed me away from the world of spirit I became sick again and now see these illnesses as initiations into me stepping on to the healing path.


Has this always been your work? What did you do before?
I also work as a photographer, which I love. The healing work sits nicely alongside it these days.


Why is it important to have regular treatments?
With the work I do it really depends on the person how many treatments we decide to do. Its deep work. Some people can benefit from having just one session whilst others need more regular work. It totally depends on the individual and what we are working on.


Are they a luxury or is it something we should do to maintain our health?
I don’t feel that healing should be viewed as a luxury. I see it as more of a necessity in the culture we live in as there is so much trauma and deep conditioning that we have to work through to get to a place of healing. It is something that should be accessible to everyone. Its our birthright to feel at peace with ourselves as much as breathing is.


What do you do for ‘me time’?
Connect with nature!


Do you find much time to have treatments yourself?
Yes, its really important to keep my energy field clean and clear so that I can do my work.


Tell us an interesting fact about the body …  about your practice … or about the holistic lifestyle
There is an energy bubble that surrounds our body, which needs daily cleansing as much as brushing our teeth or showering daily. The cleaner we keep our bubbles, the healthier we feel.


If you could send out just one message to your clients, what would that be? 
Trust! In the unseen, in yourself, in Mother Earth and nature. Pachamama and nature does the work, not us!


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