• Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! Make sure that your body is fully filled with water so that you are topped up

  • Get to bed early a few nights before and get some good rest. Your body needs to conserve that energy to push you through race day 

  • Load on your carbohydrates! Carbs = SUGAR, Sugar = ENERGY!!! 

  • Don’t overdo it! Take the day before to completely relax – put your feet up, maybe get a massage, have a bath – take the weight off and save all of that energy for the race! 

  • Prepare for race day – clip your toenails, get your bib, your number, and your energy gels ready 

  • For breakfast eat whatever you have been eating before your other runs. Stick with what you know & what your body is used to. Now is not the time to experiment!



  • You might feel like you want to collapse onto the floor once you have finished but keep your legs moving & walk a little before you reach a standstill.  Join us for Hip + Hamstring Heaven to give your legs the juicy stretches they will need.

  • Replenish !! Within around 30 mins of finishing eat some carbohydrates & protein. If you don’t fancy food, a nutrient-rich smoothie is a great choice! 

  • Hydrate hydrate hydrate !! Replenish your body with the fluids it has lost. 

  • Replenish your energy with carbs – PIZZA ANYONE? 

  • Give your body time to recover – slow down, rest & take some time out. 

  • You might feel a bit of a comedown. That’s absolutely normal. You had so much focus on training & the race that once it’s all over there feels like there’s a bit of a void. Keep reminding yourself of your achievement. Set a new goal, pick a new race & focus on that!