We love a good podcast! Listening to inspirational, motivating, sometimes sad, sometimes funny stuff about life. It’s so good because you can listen to them in bed, when you’re doing the cleaning, walking to work or even as a distraction from how much you are sweating when you’re working out !! A guilt free use of your phone, rather than just social media. So many amazing and interesting people’s views to listen too at the touch of a button.  


We wanted to share our favourites at the moment : 

1. Russell Brand: Under the Skin 

2. Fearne Cotton: Happy Place 

3. Melissa Hemsley: Live Life Better

4. Dr Rangan Chatterjee: Feel Better Live More 


… What have you been listening to? Share your favourite podcasts with us on Instagram. Take a screenshot and share in your stories – don’t forget to mention us and use the #refinerycrew