Yoga is often considered to be the union of body, mind and soul via a set of physical and mental disciplines. Yoga teaches us to live the present and develop balance and harmony in the body, a health management system.

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Our Barre workouts are FUN, FUN, FUN! The ballet inspired barre classes are designed to firm your booty and thighs, sculpt sleek and shapely arms and melt away stubborn belly fat. Prepare to discover muscles that you never knew existed…

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From traditional mat based Pilates where each exercise emphasises breath, core conditioning, and body awareness, to bad ass Mattitude – dynamic Pilates that will not only get your heart pumping and burn off those calories, but you’ll experience total body conditioning.

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At The Refinery we have a wide and varied timetable of fitness classes to suit all levels. From HIIT, Tabata, cardio blast, kettle bell training, Insanity and body conditioning.

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