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Yoga is often considered to be the union of body, mind and soul via a set of physical and mental disciplines. Yoga teaches us to live the present and develop balance and harmony in the body, a health management system. It is an amazing tool to help you deal with today’s hectic lifestyles. At the Refinery we help you to de-stress, detox and de-clutter your mind in a fun and positive environment.


Pilates is more than a workout. It’s a means to a better body. One that performs with strength, power and efficiency. Pilates targets weaknesses from injury, repetitive strain and chronic illness to help you overcome pain and increase mobility. And along the way, you benefit from a stronger, leaner and more flexible body. The Refinery offers different levels of Pilates making it accessible to everybody.

Fitness Training

No boring running machines and spin classes in sight. The Refinery will change the way you perceive getting fit. Come and try one of our many fitness sessions, whether it is traditional yoga with a twist or cardio to disco music our instructors will get you in shape but you’ll have fun in the process. Come and shake your stuff in one of our classes!


For all you hardcore fanatics who want to perfect your skills then why don't you join one of our workshops, which is an extended focused workout session. Subscribe to our newsletter for more details.