1. Wake up early 
There are so many books, podcasts & articles about how changing your morning routine and using that time effectively in order to be that superhuman who’s smashing life! 

Wake up half an hour / an hour earlier than usual and move your body! 


2. Be efficient 
Not all exercise has to be an hour long. Consider doing a couple of shorter workouts like HiiT or circuits or even a couple of sprints in the park. Breaking up your training schedule, creating variety & also more time will make it far more enjoyable and means that you actually have the time to do it! 


3. Fit it into your day 
Take the stairs, hold a plank while the adverts are on – whatever it is, fit a couple of moves into your day. If you’re watching the tv for a few hours in the evening, you’ll fit in around 30 mins of exercise if you workout on each advert. 


4. Keep it fun!
You don’t want to make exercise feel like a chore. You won’t bother doing it at all if that’s the case.  Get to barre class, do a fun workshop just make your workout enjoyable. You will be far more likely to fit this into your busy schedule and you’ll be excited to MAKE the time to do it. 


5. Shift your focus. 
Why do you want to exercise? If you are wanting to loose weight, often it becomes a bit of a task, something difficult to make yourself do. How about wanting to exercise just because you know that it is a kind act to do for your body. You’ve surely exercised your mind all day at work – but how about your body? Moving your focus and showing compassion to yourself by exercising is a great way to make yourself WANT to do it which in turn makes you make time.