Tonight we welcome the new moon in Aquarius. The ‘Water Bearer’ symbol that represents Aquarius is symbolic of washing away the past making space for the new. Aquarius is a forward thinking sign looking for solutions and new ways of being.


You can manifest whatever you want, whenever you want. However, a New Moon helps you manifest it more powerfully.


New moons are for new beginnings.




Start a fresh.


After all of the shifting and healing brought by the solstice and eclipse, this new moon is the first new moon in a while that will really feel like a new beginning. Set your intentions and be ready to move forward in the physical world!


Looking ahead, what new ideas fo you want to bring into reality this year? What are you focusing on? What old thinking habits are no longer serving you? If you want bigger and better. If you really want the things that you want, old habits need to be broken and the new invited in. The power is in your hands!


Your new moon ritual:

What you will need for your new moon ritual:

  • Smudge stick – sage, palo santo, incense or maybe burning some essential oils (Frankincense is a powerful oil for meditation)

  • Crystal

  • Pen & paper

  • Be somewhere that you can sit or lay comfortably where you will not be disturbed

  • A warm drink

  • Candles

  • You might want to play some peaceful music


Instructions to begin the new moon ritual:

1. Begin by cleansing your aura with your smudge stick or chosen tool. As you are cleansing you can say the following (or write your own)

“I cleanse my aura. I cleanse and release energies of the past. I cleanse and release energies that no longer serve me. I am light and free. I cleanse and release energies that block me from doing or receiving. I cleanse and release energies that weigh me down. I am light and free.”


2. Keep your crystal close and begin a meditation – you can do this for 5, 10 minutes or whatever feels right for you.


3. Take your pen and paper and begin writing down something that you really wish for yourself. What do you really want to happen this month, this year? What do you hope for yourself?
Give yourself the permission to write whatever it is you desire.


4. On another piece of paper, write down 5 things that you are going to do to make that dream a reality. These should be small, realistic, sustainable things that you can start doing tomorrow!


5. Take another piece of paper and write down 5 things that you are going to stop doing to make your dream a reality.


6. Once you have done that. You have a few options:

  • Option 1 Start by reading this passage – you can write your own if this doesn’t quite fit with you.

    “Dear Universe, please guide me so I may clear all these things from my life that block me from receiving. Please help me to realise that I am whole and perfect in myself just as I am, and that I need not put pressure or judgements on myself for the things that I do or don’t do. Please guide me to walk my highest path and allow me to feel that I am always supported.”

    Following on from this read out your Dream. How you are going to do it and what you are releasing in order to make that dream come true.

  • Option 2 Something we like to do is burn our dreams on the fire and release it to the universe. Only burn the page that has your dreams on it. Your actions will be kept in your room as a reminder each day. As you do this, recite the paragraph (or your own) above.


7. Once you have finished, ensure that you thank the universe, the moon for guiding you on this journey.


8. With your other 2 pages – place your crystal on top of them. Leave them by your window so that the moon can shine brightly on them overnight. In the morning you can put your actions somewhere that you can see them. You may have an altar in your room, a mood board or even on your mirror. This is a reminder of your promises that you set to yourself. Honour, love and respect those wishes.


Happy New Moon, hopefully you enjoyed your new moon ritual!