Monday and Friday at 12.30 – 1.15 pm 

GLOW presents: 80s Aerobics

This is a high energy aerobics class, set to a banging 80s soundtrack. Channel your inner Jane Fonda for 45 mins and expect lunges, leg-warmers & a whole lot of whooping. This is a total body workout that begins with retro body conditioning, focusing on the arms & lower body.  We then raise the heart rate with easy to follow 80s aerobic dance moves & cardio. We will end on a deep stretch to some serious power ballads. This class will leave you dripping in sweat with a huge smile on your face.


Monday and Friday 1.30 – 2.30pm 

GLOW presents: Buns of Steel 

Ready to work those buns like you have never worked them before? Buns of steel is devoted to strengthening, toning and shaping the buttocks, thighs & upper legs. This lower body workout is a retro classic, and we will pump the old school tunes alongside. A low impact GLUTE focused HIIT section starts this workout off to raise heart rates & warm up the muscles. We then move onto a mix of isometric, strengthening & compound exercises. 

This class uses the barre as well as ankle weights, resistance bands & isolation mat work. Get ready to sculpt those buns!