‘I like to be creative work my sessions, in terms of training methods and regime. Using my extensive knowledge of anatomy and rehabilitation, I aim to give adaptations for beginners and progressions for those who are more advanced. So there is always something for everyone in my classes.

To me flexibility is super important, that’s why I love to teach HIIT it up, Cool it Down as it is a good sweaty blast at the start, followed by a lovely relaxing stretch at the end. I also rave about positivity and taking time out for ourselves as we don’t reflect enough. I love to add a thought of the day in every cool down section of the class, as even for me it’s the only time I get to ‘zone out’ from everyday life.

For me, right now I am enjoying cardio with weights. I want to focus on increasing my energy levels with high intensity workouts, as I felt myself sinking into a pattern of thinking cycling (or pedalling with ease, one might say) into work was ‘enough’. That coinciding with weights (as I love to feel strong) and boxing because I love that sense of achievement when I learn new skills and technicality. I do incorporate a shadow boxing element into my ‘HIIT it up’ class too as it’s fun and an amazing workout.

Furthermore, I bring my Irish charm and humour (dad jokes count right?) to my classes, as although I work your butt off – I try not to allow you to take life so seriously as well.

Love Amie x


‘Amie is a brilliant instructor’

‘The trainer perfected the Hitt and the cool down’

‘Amie is a great instructor’

‘Amie was brilliant. Class was challenging but she had utmost respect for the bounds of the body and didn’t shout at you like lots of other trainers do. Booking onto Thursday immediately. Thanks Amie!’

‘After one two many proseccos last night I was dreading this. Great class though, Aime worked us HARD. Sweated that alcohol off with an excellent dose of Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182 in the soundtrack. HIIT needs more pop punk.’