The sun might have gone in for a little sleep this week but it’s making a come back soon !! While we all love getting the sun on our skin and having that summer glow it’s important to remember to look after our skin when basking in the rays! A lifetime of sun exposure causes wrinkles, age spots and other skin conditions including an increase in the risk of skin cancer.


1. Stay hydrated!
We hear it all the time but it’s SO SO important !! The human body is up to 60% water so it’s a vital process in keeping the skin well moistened from the inside out. When the sun is out it’s even more important because the sun and heat has a drying effect while also making you sweat which means you lose even more water. Keep water close by and keep sipping all day!


2. Cover up
Use a high SPF, go for a 30 – 50SPF and keep it topped up!


3. Avoid exposure during peak sunlight.
Spend your time in the sun wisely. Being in the sun for some amount of time is good for us to absorb that Vitamin D – however lying in it all day, especially during peak hours can be really damaging to the skin. Get in the shade, go for some lunch and just have a breather from the heat.


4. Wear protective clothing.
You can protect your skin by wearing a hat, or lightweight fabrics so you don’t overheat and don’t forget your sunglasses! The skin around your eyes is super sensitive and an area that’s prone to ageing


5. Cool off!
Jump in the shower after you’ve been for a swim as chlorine drys the skin out. If you have been swimming in natural water, or even if you haven’t been swimming at all, taking a shower can rinse bacteria and skin irritants off your skin. Leaving you cool, clean and with happy skin.


6. Moisturise!
Use an after-sun lotion, moisturiser or oil (if you’re using oil make sure it’s in the evening when you’re not getting sun exposure) to help lock in layers of moisture in your skin after the sun has dried it out. Aloe vera gel is great especially if you have a bit of burn, a great way to cool, soothe and moisturise the area.