Lions breath is a type of pranayama that can be practiced to help relieve stress. It’s a great outlet to release any negative energy or anger that may have built up or been stored. 

Lions breath goes with Simhasana (lion’s pose) and it involves a forceful exhalation. As the name suggests, the exhalation comes with a roaring sound of the breath. This posture and pranayama are known for their ability to reduce stress and anger through a release of tension with the exhale. 


How to do Lion’s Breath? 
Lower the jaw and open the mouth wide. Stretch the tongue out and curl it down. Take your gaze up towards the sky. Exhale whilst making a roaring “haaaaaa” sound. Really release everything within your body with the exhalation, ensure it is full of intention, allow your body to release and you will experience the full benefits. Practicing Lions breathe can bring improved energy and confidence. Try practicing it every morning; look at yourself in the mirror and pull the funniest face you can while doing it. The sillier the better and the better you will feel !