We’ve got some big news! We’ve got a new class here at The Refinery and it’s a good’un.

Introducing Pound Fit: a fast moving, exhilarating combo of conditioning, cardio, yoga and pilates-inspired moves that you do all while banging your Ripstix. These are lightly weighted drumsticks, created specifically for exercising, so there’s no need to bring your drumsticks to class!

You’ll probably come to see us with no idea what to expect, so we thought we’d give you the lowdown. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

What to expect…

When you arrive to class, you’ll ditch your socks, grab a yoga mat and prepare to work. You perform a variety of moves that incorporate your drum sticks, whether that’s banging them on the floor or holding them above your head. Classes will be different every time, but you can expect to do some yoga poses, crunches, squats and hip bridges amongst other things.

The toughest part…

Some of the moves can be quite fast-paced, but once you get started you won’t look back. Our superstar instructors will be guiding you through each move and making sure you’re doing everything correctly to avoid any mishaps. Just go with the flow and enjoy the beat!

 The funnest part…

Who doesn’t enjoy pounding the floor with drumsticks to the sounds of Rage Against The Machine?!

Good for…

Those who don’t want to feel like they’re exercising. Time flies when you’re having fun and that’s definitely the case with Pound Fit. You’re far too busy banging your Ripstix to think about the work you’re doing and that’s the fun of it!

It’s also great if you enjoy dancing or choreographed classes. You’ll bang to the beat following a routine, so forget the drop-down-and-give-me-20 style of classes you’re used to. There’s none of that here!


There’s a whole host of good reasons to love Pound Fit. Not only will the cardio burn a shed load of calories, it’ll help you tone up and improve your coordination, rhythm, speed and endurance.

Plus, drumming is a great way of getting rid of built-up tension, stress and anxiety.

Join the Refinery crew for Pound Fit on Tuesdays at 12.15pm, Thursdays at 7pm or Saturdays at 12.15pm.

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