It’s great to see such a large movement in sustainability, particularly when it comes to plastic and quite rightly so!  We’ve obviously seen a a lot of work being done to make it much easier for us, as the consumers to make the conscious decision of the products we use and buy, but are you still struggling to actually get started?? 


It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by it all, especially if you try to do everything in one go. There’s so much plastic around that it’s going to be really difficult if you do just go straight in with a total ban. 


1. Take note of the things that you use everyday without fail. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush deodorant, soap, shampoo. Every single one of these is probably plastic or in a plastic container. Find alternatives – buy them and stick with them. Yes a shampoo bar might feel a little different for the first week, so will toothpaste that doesn’t foam but you’ll get used to it and it’s better for our planet. 




Shampoo bar:

Bamboo toothbrush:


2. Be more organised. Quick fix convenience food comes with long lasting problems… LOTS OF PLASTIC. Try and be a little more organised by taking your own lunch with you to work. We know that it’s difficult with hectic lives and busy schedules but make it easy for yourself by just cooking extra for your dinner – leftovers are the way forward !! You can also grab yourself a refillable bottle, which you can buy at the studio to stop the use of single use plastic water bottles. 


3. Carry a couple of canvas bags with you, all folded and wrapped up small so they don’t take up room in your bag. You’ll feel like you are winning when you pop to the shop on your way home from work and you don’t need to contribute to the 10p plastic bags. 


4. Stock up on some canvas grocery bags. By doing this you can buy fruit and veg that is unwrapped and pop it into your own bag rather than those pesky little plastics.