Chaturanga is a difficult and strong movement! It’s strong on the shoulders and triceps and most importantly takes lots of PRACTICE! When you’re practicing in class, don’t be afraid to modify by lowering your knees. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dropping the knees – we all need it sometimes, and still works the same set of muscles in your shoulders and back. Just make sure to hug the elbows into the sides of the body as you lower. 

Don’t let that ego get in the way – listen to your body, listen to what it needs and take it slow.

Here is our step by step guide on how to Chaturanga:

  1. Star in plank 

  2. Hands should be under elbows & elbows under shoulders. 

  3. Abdominals & lower ribs knitted in, core engaged

  4. Thighs are engaged & pushing up. 

  5. Heels pushing back

  6. Hug all of your muscles into the midline of your body 

  7. Roll forward on your toes a little more than what you feel you should – this will enable you to lower down with your arms at a 90° angle.

  8. Lower your body using your arms (and only your arms) until they form a 90° angle and stop just at that point. Hug your elbows into the sides of your body as you lower. Your body should be in a solid straight line, no dropping in the hips. 

  9. Remember to keep the tops of your shoulders pulled back away from your ears, do not let them drop down. 

  10. Keep your chest broad and open