You’ve most probably all heard of the term chakra being used in once sense or another. Whether it’s a yoga class, or meditation practice. The seven chakras are energy portals that allow our life force to flow through and maintain vitality of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. They maintain the overall balance/homeostasis in our bodies and are crucial for our overall wellbeing. It is important to keep the energy flowing freely through our chakras otherwise they can become blocked which can lead to fatigue, illness and a disharmony in our natural ways of being.


There are many ways to work with and balance your chakras from yoga, meditation, crystal healing, sound healing, body work, Reiki, kundalini and a whole host of other mediums. Today we’re talking about the foods that give out those good vibrations to keep the energy free flowing. Each chakra has a different colour and so it makes for an extremely colourful and varied diet. There’s nothing quite like tasting the rainbow… 


First  – ROOT CHAKRA – Muladhara
Location: Base of spine / tailbone area 
Colour: Red 
Food: Root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions and garlic. Vibrant red foods such as beetroot, strawberries, radishes, tomatoes. 

Responsible for feeling grounded, the foundation and core of our being, connects us to the earth. 


Second – SACRAL CHAKRA – Svadhishthana
Location: Lower abdomen, within and below the navel. 
Colour: Orange
Food: Orange foods high in carotenoids – carrots, squash and sweet potatoes. Mangoes, oranges, papaya, passion fruit, turmeric and ginger. Water and clear fluids such as broth teas also stimulate healthy sacral activity.

Associated with our creativity, sexuality and reproduction. To be in touch with our emotions and have the ability to connect with others around us. It also connects to our urinary and reproductive system. 


Third – SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – Manipura
Location: Upper part of abdomen, just below diaphragm
Colour: Yellow
Food: Yellow foods – banana, pineapple, mango, lemon, ginger, turmeric, yellow peppers, yellow squash, apricots and corn. 

This chakra governs our self esteem, ego and willpower. It is associated with our ability to work with our control and confidence. Also connected to our digestive organs. If you’re feeling a little low, depressed and lacking in confidence, grab some sunny foods to help rebalance. 


Fourth- HEART CHAKRA – Anahata
Location: Centre of the chest
Colour: Green 
Food: Broccoli, kale, lettuce, green peppers, spinach, pak choi, cucumber, celery, green apples, avocados, limes and green herbs. 

The chakra of love, joy and the chakra of self. Joy, compassion, inner peace, kindness and security are all expressions of a balanced heart chakra. If you’re feeling emotionally drained – a boost of the green good stuff will support you. 


Fifth – THROAT CHAKRA – Vishuddha
Location: Throat
Colour: Blue
Food: Blueberries, blackberries, kelp, dragon fruit, wheatgrass. To soothe the throat drink plenty of water and warm herbal teas. 

The throat chakra governs all aspect of communication, to others and to ourselves. 


Location: Between and just above the eyebrows 
Colour: Indigo
Food: Foods that support the brain such as nuts and seeds. Blackberries, plums, aubergine, purple grapes, purple broccoli, purple carrots and goji berries. 

Responsible for intuition, visualisations, perspective, ideas, associated with ‘the bigger picture’, wisdom and the ability to see the truth and what is real for us. 


Seventh – CROWN CHAKRA – Sahasrara
Location: Centre point at crown of head
Colour: Dark purple, violet / white 
Food: Fasting or juicing is often suggested for balancing the crown chakra. Drinking plenty of fluids aiding to detoxify the body

Responsible for consciousness, spiritual awakening, inner wisdom, ability to be present, aware and connected to a higher plans and our highest self.