4th June at 1pm – 3.30pm

Would you like to learn how to fly? Would you like to feel lighter and overcome your fears whilst developing deep inner confidence? All this and more! This workshop will focus on the bad-ass inversions like crow, headstand, shoulder stand and forearm balances. These are the most powerful of all the asanas affecting:
The Physical: reversing the aging process.
The Mental: stimulating intuition and clarity.
The Spiritual: expanding consciousness leading to enlightenment.
Learn how to invert safely with a proper warm up and major focus on alignment and intention

We will begin with the fundamentals of inversions and arm balances, and once fully warm we will start some upside down fun. Andy will give you plenty of tips to strengthen the body and feel more confident when practicing inversions, all in a super relaxed, non judgemental and ultra friendly environment.

Learn how to turn your world on it’s head, safely and securely – everyone is welcome!

Pricing: £25pp
Spaces limited to 16 student