Aromatic plants and their oils have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal, health and cosmetic purposes. Essential oils stimulate and detoxify the body and can support a whole range of conditions in the body.  Their antidepressant, antibacterial, antiviral and calming properties make them a wonderful, natural, healthy treatment and will of course leave you smelling absolutely delicious!!  Just make sure you always buy organic and the top grade to ensure you’re getting the best quality oils.

Using them in aromatherapy is not where their uses stop. We can use them in home cleaning products, skincare, perfume, diffusers and candles.  We stock candles at the studio with some beautiful blends, you can choose from ‘calming’, ‘restoring’ and ‘energising’. If you haven’t bought one or had a sniff – pick one up next time you’re in.

Here are just a couple of our favourite scents with their respective properties. 

Uplifting, Cleansing, revitalizing

  • Add to a spray bottle of water to clean surfaces.

  • Add to hot water for a zing in the morning – it also helps to support digestion.


Soothing, calming

  • Add a couple of drops to your pillow at night for an amazing night’s sleep.  

  • Put a few drops to a warm bath help soak away stress.

Cooling, energizing

  • Add to water in a spray bottle for a refreshing mat clean.  

  • Rub on head and neck for a soothing sensation when feeling tense.

Renewing, beautifying, rejuvenating

  • Add a few drops to your face cream for added anti-ageing benefits. 

  • Add to your diffuser to bring a sense of relaxation and balance.