Feeling the need to escape can sometimes be seen in a negative way. It is common to link escaping to running away from a a problem, a person or a situation.  But why?  Sometimes we just need to down tools and get out for a walk. We should see escapism as a positive thing and embrace it with open arms. It is healthy to escape from our usual routine from time to time. It’s a positive outlet which is great for our mind, body, soul and general wellbeing. Feeling the need to escape doesn’t mean you have to dash off halfway round the world and take up residence in a treehouse (although this does sound like TOP FUN!!!) It is possible to take mini escapes every single day.


Here are a few simple ways that we love to escape so that we have time to reset and breathe: 


1. Take a stroll.  Get up and out of your chair, away from the screen, walk round the block, walk in the park – wherever you are and whenever you can, walk, give it a go. Clearing your headspace will work magic for your productivity – give it a go! 


2. Take a group fitness/yoga class.  There’s no escape quite like moving your body, whether it’s a slow flow yoga class or a high energy HIIT workout. Taking just one hour for yourself and hitting up a class should leave you feeling energised, motivated and inspired. 


3. A change of scene. Take a road trip to the coast, go to the forest or visit a friend out of town. Changing the space you are in, even for a day or two will feel like you’ve escaped your daily grind, it will bring new perspective and fresh energy.  You’ll feel renewed and full of life.