Our bodies are made to move!  After a work out it’s extremely rare that you won’t leave feeling utterly amazing. Your muscles are warm, your heart is racing, blood is pumping, you feel confident, your happy hormones are boosted and you are ready to face the world. If you have a sedentary job, quite often, even though you have barely moved a muscle all day long, you’ll feel exhausted, stiff, tight and ready to fall asleep. This is because we are made to move! 


Cardio can be tough, but it gets easier over time. The huffing, puffing and sweating will always be there but when you push through, all is forgotten and you will feel amazing for doing it. So, what are the benefits of cardio? 


– Weight loss 

– Reduced stress 

– Temporary relief from depression and anxiety (which with continued exercise can lead to a more permanent relief) 

– Increased energy 

– Improved circulation 

– Increased bone density 

– Reduced risk of heart disease 

– Improved sleep 

– Stronger cardiovascular system 


Although many people focus solely on the weight loss aspect, it’s important look at all the other cool benefits regular cardio sessions can have on your body. Losing weight is just one and sure, you want to look good on the outside, but it’s important that everything on the inside is in good working order to provide you with optimum health which in time will result in weight loss helping your body glow from the inside out! 


Try mixing it up by adding a cardio session or two into your weekly routine.  Keep it simple by starting with short workouts. Take 20 minutes 3 times a week (that equates to 1 hour out of 168 hours) and do something that gets your heart rate pumping. You could hit a class, go to the gym or run round Vicky Park.


Nobody begins an expert, so be patient and gentle on yourself. Allow yourself some time to get into a routine. You can’t begin at the finish line. Be grateful that you are starting on this journey and enjoy it. Your goals will be reached but it won’t happen right away. 


Enjoy it !! Doing a class that you enjoy makes it so much more fun and it won’t feel like a chore. Classes like Disco Barre and RUSH HIIT were designed with that reason in mind. When you’re having fun, you completely forget about the time and the difficulty and you power on through. 


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