80’s Beach Barre 

80s Beach Barre is a feel-good barre & body conditioning class, full of sunshine-filled retro magic. The teacher will lead you through an isometric barre inspired series, interspersed with core strength exercises & targeted ab work. You will feel the (sun) burrrrrrn in this one, but the feel-good retro tunes will help you forget that you are even working out!



This mat-based class will flow through a set of strong and challenging poses and sequences. Expect to move and get stuck into some tough ab and glute work.

This whole-body workout will strengthen, tone and leave you feeling both energised and centred. 

Pilates is a great tool to help prevent injuries and to mindfully support other practices such as yoga and sports.


Ballet Balance 

Ballet Balance uses the barre as a basis for a full-body workout, the exercises involve dynamic and static movements, isometric holds and core strengthening.  A fun, fast-paced and deceptively challenging class that improves stamina and helps to tone, sculpt and lengthen the muscles.  The Stretch & Flex component comes in the shape of a juicy 15-minute final stretch and cool down designed to reduce stiffness, re-lengthen the muscles and relax the body and mind.  



We have had a little move around of teachers and classes and added a couple of additional Pilates classes to the schedule, we hope you find everything you are looking for. X


9.30am – Pilates with Rosie


7pm – Pilates with Rosie


12 noon – Pilates with Rosie 


12.30 – 45 mins – Pilates with Lucy


7pm – Pilates with Jay