With the chilly evenings setting in, the need for warming, comforting and hearty meals has got us excited. Autumn comes with crispy ombre leaves crunching under our feet and also serves us with a divine spread of seasonal produce to get creative and cook with.


We can’t get enough of local Hackney resident, cook, stylist and writer, Anna Jones. In a recent blog she sums up perfectly the transition into this season.

‘When it comes to cooking, I always think it’s like the transition from summer to autumn dressing – you forget what you have in your wardrobe, what shoes to wear with a certain dress or what it’s like to not wear open-toe shoes every day. But, equally, you discover old favourites and gems you’ve forgotten.’


Anna recently brought our her new book ‘A Modern Cook’s Year’ and we’ve been using it to give us some foodie inspiration after a long day at work. The recipes are absolutely beautiful, with unique flavours that are comforting and wholesome. The best part is that they are super easy to follow and you’ll feel like a Master Chef once you’ve finished!!


Check out Anna’s brilliant blog for some super quick after work recipes. Our favourite has to be the Crispy butterbeans with kale, parmesan and lemon. – simple, fresh and delicious!