Our Deep Tissue and Pre/Post Natal Massage specialist Amy Moffat has recently been voted no.3 best massage in London by Time Out London.


Here’s what they say……

“Our pick of dreamy London massages that’ll give your muscles the TLC they deserve”


Deep Tissue Massage with Amy Moffat at The Refinery

Perfect for anyone who’s in need of a little love.

The deep tissue massage at this frighteningly trendy wellness studio starts with a full body consultation. The whole experience is delicious: you stand before your therapist in a darkened room and tell her all your real (and imaginary) aches and pains, while she examines you, tenderly, so as to tailor the session to your specific needs. It might be the attention that’s so nice. In all seriousness: before my therapist had even touched me she had made me feel truly known. On the table things just get better: slow and satisfyingly firm – deep tissue (£65) is one to go for if you want to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth – every knot is unknit; parts of the body that have gone untouched for decades come back to life (who knew ankles were capable of intense pleasure?). 

This is the most full of self-love I have ever felt. You will leave transformed. Kitty Drake

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