There was a time when going for a massage would only be something that happened on a luxury spa weekend or at a beach hut on holiday. Some would only ever reach out once they’d let an injury get so bad they could barley walk. Although the movement of self care is greatly increasing, many people still have to really justify getting a treatment yet find it easy to throw £60 on a night out having dinner and drinks with friends. 



Having regular treatments is something that is so crucial to our overall health & wellbeing that we must make the space, save the money and take the time to go regularly. Just as your bills go out, each month, setting the money aside for treatments, making it a non-negotiable investment for your health is a great way in ensuring you give your body what it needs. 


1. Boosts immune. 

Massage increases circulation while also stimulating natural killer cells and white blood cells which support the body in fighting off any illness. Studies have been carried out which show up to a 70% increase in white blood cells. Prof Fulvio D’Acquisto, an immunologist from the University of Roehampton and the Bodyology Massage School. They stated that

‘The immune system is complex, and it’s not simply the case that increasing the white blood cell count in a person who already has healthy levels will improve their health. However T-lymphocytes do perform a wide array of functions in the body involved with growth and repair, which could in part explain why massage has been reported to help with so many conditions.’


2. Reduces stress, anxiety & depression 

Having regular treatments, whether that be massage, reflexology, facials or more have shown to have a significant affect on stress, anxiety and depression. During a treatment  the parasympathetic nervous system is activated which is also known as our ‘rest and digest’. Here our body is given time to move into a little more homeostasis. Stress, anxiety and depression are all caused by hormonal imbalances due to a whole range of external & internal factors whether that be work, relationships, food we are ingesting or the chemicals we use at home or on our bodies. Giving time to your body to enter into this state will really have a positive effect on your mental health and mood.


3. Eliminates toxins from the body. 

Toxins are everywhere around us. We are never going to me toxin free, especially when living in a city like London. There’s toxins in the air, in our food and in the make up we put on our faces (if not 100% natural). Although we can avoid and minimise our toxic load by making informed decisions they are still in our body. Regular treatments are a great way in eliminating the toxic load, along with a diet high in anti-oxidants. 


4. Relieves pain / injury prevention. 

It’s pretty common in todays world to have a bit of tension in our shoulders, a little niggle in our lower backs or a twinge in the hips. But what if we could ensure that our bodies are relax, loose & stretched. Massage, reflexology and acupuncture (along with many others) can reduce pain but it can also help in ensuring that our bodies are fit and healthy in order to prevent injury. 


5. Improves your overall health and well being. 

Whether it’s stretching your muscles, balancing your bodily systems, working on an injury, or for your mental well being, there will always be something that can be worked with in a treatment. 


Regular treatments also really allow you to become connected to your body. You begin to make the right choices for what you really want for YOU.


Whether you can afford once a month or once a week, having a regular treatment practice will work wonders on your body. Remember that this isn’t just a treat, a luxury, a one off. It’s an investment into body that is filled with life long happiness and health!!