Be Your Own Personal Best

Are you ready to join us? 

A 4-week challenge where you are up against your toughest competitor… YOURSELF! 

Each week you will have a new exercise to do with a minimum of once a day but no maximum.. it really just depends on how competitive you are.. with yourself!! 

Each day your challenge is to beat yesterdays number.

Repeat as many times as you like in each day to build strength and stamina, your only challenge is to improve a little each day. 


Week 1

The burpee challenge; Everyone’s favourite!!

45 seconds to do as many as you can.

Rest for a minute and go again.

Record how many you do.


Week 2 

Plank challenge; One for the Core

Set yourself up in plank and hold for as long as you can. 

The body must remain in 1 straight line, think about moving the shoulders away from the ears, wrapping into the upper arms.

rest 1 minute … go again.

Time yourself and each day hold the plank for longer. 


Week 3 

Squats .. do as many as you can in 45 seconds, rest 1 minute then repeat.

Record the amount and challenge yourself to beat that number each day.


Week 4

Press up challenge; you can do a full press up or on your knees.

Just make sure you have elbows drawing in and body remains in a straight line not dipping at the hips.


As each day progresses, if you started on your knees maybe challenge your self to move to a full press up towards the end of the week.