A Pilates Studio & Classes for Everyone, in Hackney, East London

“If you have an excellent teacher and you understand the beauty of it, it’s like a moving meditation.”

The Refinery are a Yoga, Studio in Hackney, the heart of East London.

How to know if Pilates is right for you:

Are you looking for a way to inject energy into your workouts?

Do you want to turn bland gym sessions into a hobby that you can get excited about?

Have your results plateaued, turning gym sessions into a chore?

Do you appreciate exercise which is fun, engaging, sociable, and which has an impact on your wellbeing and fitness?

What’s it all about?

For many of the clients and individuals we welcome into The Refinery, fitness remains a hurdle that they can never fully understand. They forego light movement in favour of cardio, while never tackling exercises which combine movement with mental focus and stretching. 

Pilates is not only the exercise regime which celebrities like Jennifer Aniston swear by. It’s an effective way of bridging physical activity with mental focus, relaxation, and overall wellbeing.

It’s a form of exercise steeped in skill, which enables you to access complete body conditioning through stretch and movement. It contributes towards both the burning of calories and toning specific areas of the body that might otherwise be impossible to target. Best of all, through coordinated movement, pilates is a complete body workout which centres your mind and encourages movement. All of this, under the guidance of an instructor who gets to know your motivation and can tailor movements to your goals.

The Refinery - Pilates Class

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Who’s it for?

Our pilates classes are open to all abilities and ages and combine stretching motions with props including resistance bands and pilates balls. All classes take a maximum of 12 people, allowing your instructor to offer hands-on support and tailored advice as and when required. 

We find that these group sizes are ideal for those wanting to further their fitness and develop their flexibility through pilates – while still remaining sociable. 

Get involved

If you’re looking for an exercise class which combines skill and resistance with controlled movement, stretching, and effective breathing techniques, pilates could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Sign up for one of our classes and learn how fun toning can really be. Our classes range from beginner movements to more controlled and sophisticated routines – all under the guidance of your experienced instructor.

Located at our studio in Hackney, East London. 

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