A Fitness Studio & Classes for Everyone in Hackney, East London

Take control of your own fitness journey – wherever it starts, and wherever it takes you. 

The Refinery are a Yoga Studio in Hackney, the heart of East London.

Are you fed up with being told by people around you that you “must join their bootcamp” or that you “need to mix up cardio with strength training”?

Is your goal constantly evolving and changing as you progress?

Do you feel like fitness is a goal in itself; one which you find near impossible to meet?

Is fitness something which you feel passionate about one minute, and tired of the next?

Here at The Refinery, fitness isn’t something to strive towards – it’s a journey. One which incorporates goals but in a way that is enjoyable and, most importantly, sustainable. 

With a selection of fitness classes and individual workouts tailored to all abilities, we have a fitness journey for everyone. Where will yours lead you?

What’s it all about?

We believe that fitness is so much more than just a checkbox to tick, and that workouts are more than just a segmented hour in your day. 

That’s because when fitness bridges the challenge with fun and enjoyment, it becomes something you look forward to. And when you have something to look forward to, those goals and PBs become not only attainable but easy to meet. 

Our fitness classes for beginners and more experienced members cover all bases, and challenge members to their highest level. From strength exercises to cardio club, body conditioning, and more, we encourage members to mix up their routine and try new things regularly. 

And thanks to the vast range of classes available at our studio, we offer everything under one roof – and one membership. What’s more, with our expert instructors on hand for every class, we empower you to take the next step in your fitness journey every day. To us, a goal met is simply a new opportunity to beat your best. 

Where will your best take you?

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Who’s it for?

With fitness classes which span all areas of the body and all fitness levels, The Refinery fitness workshops are for everyone. And when we say everyone, we mean it.

Sustainable fitness is the goal for our team, as we seek to inspire commitment and passion in the simplest of areas – health and wellbeing. By empowering members to care more about themselves, we create a community of likeminded individuals who want to join us. And when people want to join us, and get fit for themselves, we create fitness which is sustainable.
Joining us couldn’t be easier. Try it – you might just surprise yourself.

Get involved

If you’re looking to take your fitness journey to the next step and overcome barriers that you and those around you have created, we’re here to help. 

Make fitness a priority and try something new by joining The Refinery. 

All classes are located at our studio in Hackney, East London. 

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