When we exercise we want to feel energised, motivated, satisfied & relaxed – right? Even if it has been a tough cardio class we want our bodies to feel a sense of freedom and calm. 


However, sometimes just working out an exercise regime and whether we are doing ‘enough’ or ‘what’s right’ can put so much pressure on that we feel more stressed than relaxed. If that’s the case for you, it’s time to take a break, and time to refine your workouts. Maybe mix it up with an alternative discipline like meditation or yoga alongside your cardio. There is so much pressure around us on how we ‘ought’ to be –  this is not what moving your body is about!! It’s what’s happening inside that counts. If you are feeling stressed, or it feels pressured and heavy to go to a certain class – maybe you’re not enjoying it, your doing it too much or it is literally too much of a stress on your body. Mixing things up and creating balance will bring more enjoyment. Try something new, this could be listening to music, taking a gong bath, a yin class, dancing along to 80’s tracks… listen to what your body needs and find some balance. 


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