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Rock Out: Crystal Healing

Sunday 12th April 2020   14:00 - 16:00


Join Charlotte Grace Rocks the Hackney-based Crystal healer and dealer for vibrations so deep you leave feeling high.

In this 90 minute – long workshop we will work with your intuition & energy to clear your chakra’s and allow your energy to flow from yin to yang. Balancing both sides of you body & energy.

We will practice a streaming exercise where we access those “moments & memories” etched into your chakra’s and release any trapped energy you may be holding finishing with a personalised affirmation.

I will read your energy and scan your body and then we will work with your crystals, your personalised affirmation, binaural beats and your breath to get your heart open, balanced, pulsating, and breathing life into that wonderful body you live in.

Please bring rose quartz, tourmaline and clear quartz I will have spares to borrow (however you may grow attached) you can also buy these from me so please feel free to email me. If you are working on a specific chakra or trapped energy/memory please feel free to email me for advice on Crystals to use.

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