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Heart Chakra Anahatta holistic soul Spa

Sunday 13th November   3pm - 5pm


Feeling fatigued, anxious ? Getting over a toxic relationship ? Stressed and exhausted? Low self esteem ?

Stop doom scrolling and join us for a deeply healing holistic spa for the soul @ Refinery.

We will take you on a deeply blissful journey that that targets the physical body, the mind and energy body.

Let us banish and clear those heavy energies that no longer serve you while boosting your natural Prana via movement, Heart opening Yoga, sacred smudging, selenite Auric clearing , energy & crystal healing with Charlotte from Yogarox. Followed by a heart opening organic Cacao ( the best hug in a mug ever!) refreshments and receive bespoke tailor made intuitive advice for the road ahead with one to one Tarot advice from international Tarot reader and energy healer the fairy Godfather .

Meditate don’t medicate .

You are loved

You are enough

Limited spaces available

* Please bring rose quartz & jade / aventurine to the workshop or reserve a kit and Charlotte will bring it to the workshop for you.

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