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Learn to Fly Balance & Inversions

Sunday 5th December   2pm - 4pm


It’s not all about inversions, but they can be super fun…

Join Helen for this uplifting workshop. We will work with handstand and forearm stand, safely exploring the alignment and strength needed for these asana and how to transition in and out of them smoothly.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer and looking for some interesting variations or just finding your wings, this workshop is suitable for anyone with a regular yoga practice. Build your confidence, gain a little self trust, and experience the joy of being upside down!


Helen trained in Morocco with Yogahaven. She then went on to specialise in Rocket under David Kyle, who’s teacher trainings she now assists. She also teaches Yin Yoga, Pranayama and breathwork. Helen is a drama school graduate and worked as an actor for her early career. As well as the arts, she was in hospitality for many years, so community (and food) is always at the heart of her work. She is now a student of Psychoanalysis and is interested in how the embodied principles of yoga can aid with both physical and mental well being as well as trauma and anxiety.


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