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Bump & Flow - Prenatal Workshop

Saturday 14th March   13:00 - 15:00


Sat 14th March 1-3pm
Bump & Flow

Learn how to modify your yoga, keeping you strong, safe and supported through pregnancy and beyond……

Pregnancy can be a real cocktail of emotions. An exciting time mixed with complexities, limitations, wanting to be “Me” with the reality of being “We”.
It’s important to stay fit and healthy through this time, though knowing what exercise is safe to continue with and what’s not is mind blowing!

Roll out your mat and explore how to stay consistent with yoga and other disciplines by adapting movement and postures through each trimester.

We’ll look at hormone changes and common ailments that can affect even the fittest among us and how to manage them through movement. Breathing exercises that will keep you grounded through pregnancy and support you during labour and birth.

Workshop is open to pregnant women 12 weeks plus, those looking to fall pregnant in the not too distant future and teachers of all disciplines who would like to feel a little more confident to include pregnant students in their classes.

Workshop will include a short overview of what physical and emotional changes are taking place, the impact that has through each trimester and a flow sequence with modifications. Moving forward you will be able to participate in open classes with confidence, mindfulness and compassion for both you and your growing baby.

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