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Yoga + Acupuncture: Reset, Renew, Restore

Sunday 29th September   15:00 - 16:30, 16:30 - 18:00


An innovative way to incorporate acupuncture into your wellness routine for increased energy, more restorative sleep and improved stress management.

This ninety-minute workshop will begin with a sequence of deep stretching yoga postures and breathing techniques, designed to release muscular and mental tensions. You will then receive a 45 minute acupuncture treatment to rebalance and restore your energetic system.

Expect to feel a transcendental level of relaxation and leave with a tool kit to help relive the experience at home.

The workshop is designed and run by Clara, an acupuncturist and yoga teacher, who strives to innovate the provision of therapeutic practises and make profound healing accessible to all.

Come stretch, breathe and relax! Places are limited, pre-booking essential.

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