Class Passes and More!!…
We are so lucky to live in a city that has such an array of amazing fitness classes to keep our health on track…

…however have you ever totted up how much this is actually costing you? You may well get a discount pass, but by the time you have paid for the travel and spent 2 hours getting there and back, you may well be at a loss (including hairs pulled out on the tube!!)!

With over 100 classes a week, you don’t have too look much further than The Refinery for all your health and fitness needs. We have 4 studios and 2 holistic therapy rooms dedicated to yoga, meditation, barre, pilates and hard core fitness and your overall wellbeing. We have loads of money saving options to get you the best deal so that you can spend your money and time on something for yourself – could even be a massage or a facial.


Check out our brilliant class bundle deals


From now until 31st October 2017 enjoy a juicy 15 % off our BIG CLASS BUNDLES.

Redeem 15% off Rock Hard 30 Class Pass

15% off our Rock Hard 30 Class Pass (30 x 45 and 60 minute classes / 6 months to use from date of purchase)

Redeem 15% off Immortal 60 Class Pass

15% off our Immortal 60 Class Pass (60 x 45 and 60 minute classes / 9 months to use from date of purchase)


Also, check out our awesome monthly membership deals!!

Refinery All Star Monthly ‘Unlimited’ Membership – £110 per month

Our All Star Monthly Unlimited Membership is by far the best way to reap the deepest benefits from your fitness regime. As a member, you don’t have to worry about the cost of attending several classes per week. You’ll be able to feel free to attend as many classes as you like and the more you visit, the more you save – simple! What’s more, Refinery students who have unlimited classes available to them tend to join classes more often, seeing greater results, faster. Coming just four times a week will cost less than £7 a class – that’s around 50% off the drop in rate.



Refinery All Star Monthly ‘8 Class’ Membership – £69 per month

Our All Star Monthly ‘8 Class’ Membership is perfect for those looking to average 2 classes a week. This lighter membership gives plenty of flexibility without the pressure. Coming just 8 times a month will cost just over £8 a class – that’s a cool 40% off the 60 minute drop in rate. We have membership and class package options that are as diverse as our classes. Please call us or call into the studio if you have any questions.