Now it’s no doubt that if you come to The Refinery, you’re also a regular at The Grand Howl – the best vegetarian / vegan cafe around! Now that summer is really out the way you can nestle in after a warming yoga class and feed your souls with delicious autumnal soups like this guy – Red Lentil, Sweet potato and coconut soup. 


Red lentils 

Apart from being a wonderful plant based source of protein lentils have some great benefits. They are small but a mighty nutrition house of the legume family. They contain cholesterol lowering qualities, help in managing blood sugar levels and contain a whole lot of fibre. The fibre content supports the digestive tract and helps prevent disorders such as IBS and diverticulitis. Soluble fibre assists in managing blood sugar levels while providing slow burning, steady energy – perfect for pre or post workout meal.


Sweet Potato 

Sweet potatoes – a magical food that allows us to get that carb fix without overloading on the ‘bad stuff’ yet still feeling satisfied. A perfect staple for the time of year, when immune systems are hit. They contain an abundant source of Vitamin A and beta-carotene which are essential in helping the body fight off infections. 


Coconut Milk 

Apart from being one of the most delicious tastes in the world, coconut milk brings us some great health benefits !