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Viktorija Medeina

Tarot / Holistic / Energy work


About Viktorija:

Meet Viktorija Medeina – tarot reader and certified energy healer with 10 years of experience. She has studied western and easter mysticism, occult sciences and energy healing for a decade and she applies the knowledge and experience in group workshops and private tarot readings.

After working with hundreds of clients globally, she noticed that Tarot readings have a profound effect on people’s psyche and it initiates healing through connection to simple universal archetypes that are depicted in the cards.

She only uses Rider Waide cards that are simple and easy to understand for anyone, no matter their cultural or spiritual background. The aim of a tarot reading is for one to find clarity, answers and wisdom that they already possess within – the cards are simply a reminder of that information.


About Tarot readings:

If you feel stuck in your life, going through a major life change, experiencing confusion or just wonder why things are not the way you want them to be, a tarot reading can be a great tool to guide you in your journey.

A tarot reading is not simply fortune telling. Yes, it has a divinatory aspect to it, however most importantly it assesses your current energetic balance, your behaviour patterns and influences in your life. Tarot provides practical solutions and advice on how you can move forward in your situation so you can get where you want to be. Tarot will only ever show you what your spirit is ready to know.

Tarot reading is an empowering experience – it’s a reminder of things you already know subconsciously and it encourages you to use your intuition and connect to your true authentic self.

After a tarot reading expect to feel inspired, uplifted, more clear and relieved from confusion or overthinking. It can take some time to process the information from a reading and integrate its lessons. A tarot reading is deep inner work so naturally you will experience a shift in your thinking process and will become more clear and conscious of your life.



Viktorija is a highly intuitive and accurate tarot reader. I’ve been to several and she’s honestly the best I’ve experienced. She listens carefully to what I need guidance on, and provides very wise, intuitive and practical advice from the cards. I feel safe and guided in her presence. I highly recommend having a reading with her, and have already referred several friends to her. Thank you Viktorija! – Komal Kaur



60min – £75
90min – £110



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