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Transformational Breath

Stuart Sandeman

Breath Work

90 mins / £120

Unlock your potential and optimise your physical, mental and emotional health with one of the worlds leading techniques for personal healing and change; Transformational Breath


This extremely POWERFUL practice can be used to:

· Energise and revitalise

· Detoxify and improve your health and wellbeing

· Improve circulation and strengthen your immune system

· Improve mental clarity and focus

· Release anxiety and alleviate depression

· Resolve past trauma and release emotional repression

· Accelerate personal growth and development

· Improve the relationship with yourself and others

· Connect you to your inner wisdom, creativity and awareness


During the session Stuart will monitor your breathing and correct any ineffective or constricted patterns.


When breathing is full, open and connected, “activation” occurs creating a high vibrational frequency in the body. This allows lower vibrational energy that is held in our cellular memory (such as repressed feelings, unpleasant memories, birth trauma and any other negativity in the subconscious) to be permanently transformed into a higher vibrational energy.


You may feel some physical and emotional sensations as a result of this integration but as we clear the subconscious we move forward with clarity, joy and ease.


Some areas of effective therapeutic use:

  1. Stress

  2. Anxiety 

  3. Grief

  4. Asthma and Respiratory Ailments

  5. Heart conditions

  6. Phobias

  7. Panic Attacks

  8. Depression 

  9. PMS

  10. Headaches

  11. Insomnia

  12. Infertility

  13. Addictions

  14. Chronic Fatigue 

  15. ME

  16. Digestive Ailments

  17. Pain control  

  18. Apnoea

  19. Recovery Facilitation

  20. Anaerobic Diseases


Stuart Sandeman is a Transformation coach and breath facilitator.  He is founder of Breathpod and director at global coaching organization Mindful Talent. He helps individuals, groups and businesses to reach their full potential and has delivered one-to-one sessions and workshops to businesses including Google, Nike, Sky, Virgin and Dropbox. Stuart has a professional background in sales and finance, has travelled the world as an international DJ, holds a black belt in Judo and has a lifetime of experience in competitive sports.


Session Guidelines

In preparation for your breath session please:

  1. Arrive 10 mins before the session starts, allowing you to settle and ground before we begin.

  2. Avoid eating a large meal or drinking coffee 3 hours before the session as it will involve abdominal acupressure.

  3. Refrain from drinking alcohol or other toxins at least 24 hours before in order to maximise the benefits of your session.

  4. Don’t plan anything too strenuous or physically / emotionally draining after the session. The sessions can be powerful and can shift things quite dramatically. For most, this can create feelings of energy and lightness. For some it can stir slightly heavier feelings to the surface. Therefore, we advise you to leave your afternoon / evening open to support how you feel.

  5. It helps to do this work with a specific intention. So have a think what you would like to receive from your session. The clearer you are, the better the result.


Please wear loose and comfortable clothes so your breathing isn’t restricted in any way. 

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